Monday, December 7, 2009

let it rain!

Today it rained!!

In Southern California, that's not a common occurrence, but most times it is a very welcome one. It seems we are always in a drought anymore...never seeming to get quite enough rain...lakes and rivers and reservoirs growing ever lower.
We need the rain for drinking and for crops--for sustenance.
We need the rain for cleansing--for washing away the dirt and grime that builds up on everything.
We need the rain for growth-- for new life and renewed life.
Whenever we get a good cleansing, drenching, thirst-quenching rain, I think of how we need God in such a similar pour out Himself upon us like the rain pours from the clouds. In much the same way that the land thirsts for the rain, our souls thirst for the rain of God... and for the same reasons-- for sustenance, for cleansing, for growth... for LIFE.
Lord, pour upon us this day...
Wash us clean.
Quench our thirst.
Help us to grow.
Give us LIFE...
We are grateful for Your rain...


  1. I always think about that song from the 70's

    It never rains in southern california....but man, it pours.

    hope you have a nice soaking rain

  2. We had snow in Houston last week, which is more rare than rain in Southern California. It was an unexpected blessing as well.


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