Tuesday, January 26, 2010

love in the parking lot...

Parking lot love.

No, not as in "parking"....

Just a bit of love I found today in the parking lot at the bank. It was pouring down rain (which, by the way, I LOVE!), and I was hurrying into the bank when I spotted this lying on the rain-soaked pavement:

...and me without my camera!! :)

So, when I came back out of the bank, I grabbed my handy cell phone and snapped these wet photos of a wonderful bit of love! (I'm sure the folks in the parking lot were wondering what in the heck the crazy chick was photographing on the pavement in the pouring rain!! but some things just MUST be done!)

Last time, it was aluminum foil... this time a wet towel (or a wet blanket??)...

May we continue to see God's love in our daily lives...
And may we stop and give Him thanks...
even when it's raining...


  1. miss sharlyn, thank you for commenting on my blog. Ilove finding hearts like you do. peyton,

  2. This is so special again, with a touch of rain. I'm loving the wet effect. =)

    Yes dear, may we never lose sight of Him, rain or shine and I can't wait to see your next finding again!

  3. I'm so glad you keep your eyes open to these things. You're a beautiful soul, you know?

  4. Though you've not posted poetry in a while, I still count you among the people who give me the courage and inspiration to try it every now and then.

    And I said so at the end of my post today. :D

  5. thanks for showing your heart find :-)


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