Wednesday, July 13, 2011

ttmms... (things that make me smile)...

Most people who have known me more than just a few days probably have discovered that I can be pretty easily entertained and amused.  I get a kick out of small things (not like midgets and such!) and enjoy finding quirky bits in life.  I'm an avid reader-of-license plates and actually have a list of fun ones I've seen.  I love strangely colored or shaped fruit or veges or just things that look out-of-the-ordinary.  I have the carcasses of several brightly-colored bugs in a box on my dresser.   I see faces on cars, either front end or back.  

All these things make me smile and give me joy.

I think it's a good thing to be able to find fun and to take pleasure in the small things in life.  I mean, isn't that what our lives are really made up of-- an occasional big thing here and there strung together with many many small things in between?  I know I don't wait to wait around for a big thing to enjoy when I can delight in so many other little things along the way.

And that is what this blog is really about-- experiencing the daily life stuff and looking and listening for God's hand and voice in it all.  And seeing what delights He has put here for us to enjoy if we will allow ourselves to be easily entertained.

In light of all of that, I present to you today one of the many Things That Make Me Smile...  

I have recently discovered ...the happiest cars on earth:

Tell me that doesn't make you smile!! : )

I am grateful for smiling cars...

A joyful heart is good medicine...
~Proverbs 17:22a


  1. It is so, so good to see you here again! And your smiling car is pretty cool, too. :)

  2. thanks so much, jennifer! it's good to be, if i can just stick with it... need to grow that fruit-of-the-Spirit: self-discipline! :) so glad you stopped by... you are always a blessing to me!! :)

  3. Each time I see "a heart" I´ll try to let U know. He! He!


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