Tuesday, August 18, 2009

they're heeeerrrre...

Last week they were budding....
this week they have arrived!!
The crepe myrtle trees are bloomin' all over the bloomin' city right now!
These are shots of the tree right out in front of my office window...
pretty in pink...

...and still more buds waiting to burst forth into
glorious pinkness!

I love the frilly edges of the dainty petals!
* * * * *
Thanks, God, for such beauty this day!


  1. oh, you should SEE all the pink trees on the streets here right now... of all different shades! i really should get out there with my camera! (these were snapped quickly on my phone)

  2. I have a braided beauty on my post today enjoying these very blooms. Aren't they wonderful? Great shots, Sharilyn. Enjoying with you...

  3. Those frilly pink flowers are gorgeous! You have an amazing talent with God's creation...

    You are invited to visit me at:


    Even God laughs sometimes!

  4. oh angie! that must be beautiful!! there are all these amazing trees here... lovely!!!

    deborah--thanks so much! and welcome to my blog! thanks for visiting! i shall pop on over and check out your blog... i do love God's sense of humor!! :)


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