Thursday, September 10, 2009

things that make me smile...

I have always loved abbreviations and acronyms. Long before there was texting, I was using "bcs" for "because" and "thx" for "thanks." I have always been an avid note-taker, with as much detail included as possible, and perhaps, that is the reason I've always loved abbreviations.

Well, I have a new post abbreviation: TTMMS!. It stands for "Thing That Make Me Smile!" I have decided to do some posting of random things that make me smile...bcs, after all, that's what living a Heart Rock Life (HRL??) is all about, right?--finding joy in the little things, in the daily discoveries, in the many ways God shows us His presence and His love in our daily lives... if we will have eyes to see and hearts to understand...and mouths with which to show our delight!

And so, today is the first TTMMS! posting because this totally made me smile!

This was a chocolate cupcake from The Sweet and Saucy Shop--chocolate with kahlua frosting!--and it originally looked like this:

But, after I had taken a bunch of bites out of the bottom, I was left with a bit of the top and some frosting... and this delightful little smile!! :) (no, I did NOT make it into this! it really was all of its own accord!)

Definitely TTMMS!


  1. I can spot a 2 dots of eyes and 2 dots of lovely smile hehehehe...

  2. How cool is that! You ate it from the bottom? I would have ate the sweet stuff on the top first, lol. Ahhh, that's giving me a real sweet tooth all of a sudden!

  3. jessica--i see it now, too! good eye! :)

    anne--right back to you today, anne! :)

    thanks, char!

    and, debby-- ok, so now you know something totally weird about me! i tend to "save the best for last" whenever i'm eating something. for example: the blue m&ms, frosting on the cake, center of a sandwich, the best bites of steak... (i never did claim to be "normal"! :) )


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