Friday, October 23, 2009

heart on the pavement...

Yesterday I was having kind of a hard morning -- bad news at the dentist followed by a flare-up of a painful and frustrating eye problem. I needed to run an errand for work, so once my eye stopped watering enough so I could see to drive, I set out for the office supply store.

When I was leaving the store and walking back to my car, I was looking down at the ground (due to the sun irritating my sore eye) and I noticed something shiny..... (oooh! shiny object!!)... and this is what I saw at my feet:

a shiny piece of foil pressed into the pavement in the shape of a heart!!

God is so good!! I love it when He addresses the weariness of my heart...or just a frustrating day... with a special bit of love just for me!!


  1. ah, you should have seen it in real life!! it was so shiny and was glinting in the sunlight! fantastic! :)

  2. very special for someone special

  3. Hey, does it still hurt? Hope that you'll get healed soon. What a heart for consolation.

  4. Sharilyn,

    I love this, looking for the heart knocks of life! And I"m you think that was a Hershey's kiss? A heart and a kiss!

  5. Yeah God! He loves you ... so do we!

  6. laura~ what a brilliant and delightful thought!! :) it well could have been a kiss... to kiss away my boo-boo! :) thanks for that! and thanks for visiting!!


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