Tuesday, October 27, 2009

ttmms... (things that make me smile)

(Ok. The next time I post someThing That Makes Me Smile, I shall just use the initials.)

I love to travel... to go to new places, see new things, eat new food! (oooh. mmm! eat new food!) I don't get to do it as much as I would like, but I probably am blessed to do it more than some folks. I am grateful for the times I get to go away from home, to stay in a hotel.

One of the things I love most about staying in a hotel is... (are you ready? you may think I'm weird after seeing this, if you don't already!)...

Yes, I'll admit it! I love toilet paper with the little points folded into it!! I do!! For some reason, I just love it when I am in the bathroom going about my business, and I discover the points on the toilet paper!! Oh, what joy!! :) I smile and smile!!

I'm not sure what it is about it, but I love it!

Maybe it's because it makes me feel so special-- I mean, someone actually took the time to fold my toilet paper into cute little triangles!! my toilet paper!! Just think about it for a minute and let the amazement sink in....

(And if one can be amazed and delighted by such as this, just THINK what it's like to ponder the fact that the Creator of the very UNIVERSE has chosen me-- ME!! -- to be His own treasure!! Wow!)
I am immensely grateful... for both!! :)


  1. Ahh, Sharilyn. It's a good thing there's no pain in heaven or else, once you're there, your neck would be incredibly sore from all those quick head swings trying to take everything in. :-)

  2. thanks, anne!! :)

    and dave, you DO crack me up!! and you're probably absolutely right about that!! :) love the image of that!

  3. :) i sometimes fold the toilet paper in our guest bathroom...just like to look of it.

  4. Gotta love those points. I mean, who wouldn't?

    Thanks for coming to the giveaway at InCourage. :)

  5. Hi Sharilyn,
    I have a blog called "Not Disappointed," which I have not been faithful to--not at all--but you somehow managed to find it, and left two wonderful comments, the last being in March. Sadly, I didn't even realize you'd left the comment in March until today! I felt like I was writing into the dark hole, and why the heck was I doing it just for me to read? But I want to thank you for reading my blog--I always wonder how people happen across such things--and I'm gonig to be more faithful to it now. I hope you'll stop by again.
    Gwenn (notdisappointed.blogspot.com)


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