Monday, October 19, 2009

ttmms (you know--"things that make me smile")...

This past weekend two of my young friends were in town visiting their grandparents. On Saturday I went over to spend the day with them all at Mimi and Poppa's house. The younger of the two, B (age 7), loves to help with whatever we may be doing in the kitchen, so Mimi, B, and I made lunch together.

We sat out on their balcony in the lovely Southern CA fall air to eat our lunch. After his older brother said grace, B asked if he could pray, too. Mimi and Poppa said 'of course!' The following was his prayer...

"God, thank you for this day and for our lunch and thank you that I got to help my two best friends, Mimi and Sharilyn, make it. Amen."

Talk about things that warm one's heart and make one smile! Who could ask for more??

...for this I am grateful!...


  1. Uh, yeah, that would be categorized under "One of the Best Days Ever". Way cool!

  2. :D i quite aqree, jerri! gotta be grateful for the wonderful kids with which God has blessed my life!

  3. I hope that this makes you smile too... There's an award for you to collect if you can make out some time. =)

  4. Hello. Went back to Debra's blog just to see if she left a response and noticed you did after each post I wrote in. Your rock picture and what you said about the post with the list of thank yous and the frostie caught my attention. you've found so many heart shaped things! that is really cool. i saw a large heart on the bridge i cross to work everyday. a puddle of water somehow formed the heart but no one else walking even noticed. i think that's what made it extra special. like a secret God shared with me. :) should start taking photos of all these things. My name's Jocelyn by the way. Met Debra through Lisa Shay's blog who I found through someone else's blog and well it was an odd series of events. thing is, i live on the other side of the world pretty much. in the land down under.

  5. welcome jocelyn! it is a treat to have new friends stop by for a visit! :) i, too, love it when i discover God's little messages for me as i walk through my daily life...and through my blog, i try to share those wonderful magical moments and messages with my visitors. i love how He knows the language of our hearts!

    debra is a delight to me and i am continually encouraged by her fierce devotion to our Lord and her determined walk of faith! :)

    feel free to stop by anytime you need a little pick-me-up or little bit of love... (and you might want to check out my post about the origin of the heart rock story for me:

  6. Hey Sharilyn ... There you go inspiring more people to see things through new eyes ... God's eyes! Rocks! Jocelyn is a precious girl! We posted some hearts in your honor today. Love you!

  7. Hey thanks you two! All this love for some girl across the globe you haven't even met! You truly make me feel special. Sharilyn, I've added you to my blogroll. Hope that's ok by you.


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