Thursday, June 25, 2009

hello, georgia! (საქართველოს)

...and so it begins...

My blog will probably read like a travelogue for the next week or so, but I do hope you will enjoy the photos I share of this lovely country I was blessed to visit!

Today is just a small beginning... and Welcome to Georgia ... or, as it is in Georgian: Sakartvelos (საქართველოს)...

(photo by Anya Polozkova, as I didn't cross a border by land)

This is a beautiful OLD church we visited on my first day in Tbilisi (the capital of Georgia). Let me introduce you to my lovely sister, K, and my nephews, S and J, and my niece, T. They live in Tbilisi and run the Youth With A Mission base there.
I wanted to start the Georgian photo-logue here because it was the first day I was there... but also because God gave me a very special welcome to this land on the very first day:

(sorry, Blogger is up to its old tricks and refusing to post this photo properly rotated!)

God loves Georgia and all its people!
And, I believe He also wanted to make me feel right at home!
Note to all digital photographers:
Perhaps you are already aware of this, but I learned a valuable lesson with my sd memory card this trip! I purchased a 16GB SDHC (high capacity) card for the trip. The package said not all devices can use the high capacity cards so to verify that yours can. I thought "testing" it by taking a photo would be the way to verify the usability since there was nothing in the camera's owners manual. WRONG, I was!! It tested fine before I left, so I joyfully took ALL of my photos on that card. When I got home and tried to download the photos to my computer, none of my photo programs nor my computer itself would recognize and download the photos!!! I ended up taking it to Costco and paying them to download all my photos to cds just so I could get them on my computer!! I'm glad I was able to resolve it, but it's not an ongoing expense I want to have to deal with (especially since I took about 2000 photos... yeah, I know I'm obsessive!!!) :)


  1. What a blessing to find God smiling upon you, Sharilyn!

    I'll look forward to the photos, smiling hearts and rocky hearts, extra expense and all.

  2. a great tip for the photographer. I have an 8 gb card but haven't used it yet.

    great shots and I look forward to hearing more about your trip.

  3. There it is! How very special, a heart even when you're travelling. I'm so envious!! =D

    Sorry to hear about your trouble with the card. We'll be looking forward to seeing your precious pictures.

  4. LOL, just realised you did say that on my blog. and here I was playing the guessing game.


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