Tuesday, June 2, 2009

a quiet beach...in Michigan??

Whenever I go to visit my family in Michigan, I seem to have to see at least one of the Great Lakes. Maybe it's because I'm so used to living by the ocean... or maybe I just really like giant bodies of water across which one cannot see land. I usually end up taking a day trip drive with someone (most times my mom) to see Lake Michigan. (on my most recent trip I made it to the Lake twice!! and I accidently called it the ocean at least once--and was laughed at by my niece!)

On one visit, my mom and I drove to the lakeside city of Grand Haven. (I called it a coastal city and was once again laughed at by my niece!) Grand Haven is a wonderful little city that has a lighthouse that you can walk out to on a long cement walkway. If you squint and look through the sea wheat (or beach grass, or whatever it's called!) in the picture below, on the right side, you can see the lighthouse beacon tower at the far right, and a bit to the left of it, the little 'house' part of the lighthouse. (they're both bright red)

After photographing the scene above, I looked a bit further to the right, and what...?!!

Wait a minute!! I thought I was in Michigan!!
What the heck is THAT tree doing there?!?

Yes, THAT one!
The one with the fluffy green fronds instead of leaves!!
It IS a palm tree!
And I was being laughed at for calling it the coast and the ocean??

I had to investigate this strange appearance of a tropical tree growing on a beach in the Midwest...
Well, a palm tree it was indeed.
A REAL palm tree it was not.
But, someone was sure enjoying their tropical view
of Lake Michigan!
I enjoyed their creativity,
and definitely delighted in their sense of humor!
Whatever it takes to get that warm tropical feeling ...

You just gotta love it...


  1. I thought that was too good to be true!
    It looked like an awesome trip~

  2. i have to admire that palm tree - it's tenancity growing in the cold temps there. what a great find!

  3. Yeah... I thought the tree looked plastic. Look at the green! A real palm will never be that green. Hahah, but i love the humor! ;)


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