Friday, June 19, 2009

mess? or masterpiece?

There is a wonderful little community on the south east side of our city which is located by and on some canals. It is technically an island and it is well-known for its lovely luxurious homes and beautifully-landscaped yards. Recently I was driving down one of the streets and my eye was caught by the yard of one of the homes. It was totally unlike any of its neighbors and was filled with riotous and chaotic beauty...
Here was this lovely yellow house ...but the yard was completely unkempt and overgrown with "weeds."

...beautiful pink and fuschia "weeds"-- flowers in my book!

tall, overgrown, unsightly? beauty!
dotted here and there with brilliant orange California golden poppies..., I ask you...
crazy, untended, chaotic MESS?

...or, as I find it...
a glorious MASTERPIECE of color and design?!


  1. I love an overgrown garden

  2. Definitely, a masterpiece. Very pretty shots too.

  3. No no of course! No way they're 'weeds'! Wild beauties! =)

  4. Looks to me like something growing under the hand of the divine Gardener. Kind of like us. The world may see weeds, God sees a masterpiece.


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