Monday, March 2, 2009

a matter of perspective...

Much of the time, I find that my view of my world and how I feel about it really is a matter of perspective.

Like today, for instance.

The weather was gloomy, darkish, overcast--my friend thought it was depressing and ominous whereas I thought it was wonderful in its moodiness and gloom.

I was tired of and frustrated by the project I was working on at work today, and then I was reminded of all the people who are currently out of work.

I was wishing the air conditioning was working in my car, and then I thought of all the people taking the city bus because they couldn't afford to have a car.

And... when I was walking into the post office, there on the sidewalk was what others would consider a dirt spot, a smear of grease...
...but it didn't look like a dirt spot to me... I see a man (tall and thin) holding a heart in his hand...(I'm not sure, though, if it's his or that of someone he loves)
How do you see things today?
(and, if you have any thoughts about my grease spot, feel free to tell me what it looks like to you!)


  1. I really need to slow down a little and start trying to see things the way you see them. I would have probably stepped right over that and given it no thought at all.

    Thanks for being my eyes today.

  2. I'll bet you are a blast at a pic nic where everyone has the time to stare at the clouds and imagine what shapes they represent!

  3. A guy giving the basket a shot. =)

    Thanks for your perspective today.

  4. Sharilyn,
    Thank you for sharing your perspective today. You are right that a lot of thing fortunate/unfortunate is really depends on the way we look at it.
    p.s: thankfully now the word verification seems to work just fine!

  5. glad you've all enjoyed it... yes, i'll admit i do have a rather active imagination! :) God has blessed me with 'eyes to see' the strange and unusual, and it brings me great delight! :)

    in regards to the wv, i have mine disabled at this point, but as soon as Blogger gets it fixed, i'll put it back on...

  6. ok...that comment above is me! for some reason, it logged it as my work...


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