Tuesday, March 10, 2009

thank You, God, for answered prayers... and baby smiles!

A great big THANK YOU, GOD! for Isabella's happy smile!!

And a great big THANK YOU to you who were/are praying for her... She is doing miraculously better, and I thought I would give you a quick update from her parents:

March 9: Out of ICU!
"Thank you, thank you for all your prayers. Isabella has shown marked improvement over the last 24 hours, and this afternoon was transferred out of ICU and into a regular pediatric unit. Her body seems to be responding to the antibiotics, her fever is down, her vital signs are fairly stable, and she even smiled and played a bit this morning. We are so grateful to you for your prayers, and to God for hearing and responding. "

March 10, 2009: All Better!!
"Well, it is quite a miracle, but little Isabella is suddenly very well. The power of prayer is amazing! We were given a private room at the hospital yesterday, and last night she slept peacefully with her head on my (Daddy's) forearm.I snapped this picture (top photo above) when she woke up this morning - the first time she has smiled in two weeks. They tell us she may be able to come home tomorrow if the can switch the intravenous meds to oral. Welcome back, Bellaboo!! "


  1. fantasic news!!! Praise the Lord!

  2. Yes dear, I cried when I learnt the news yesterday. God is so good, I'm sure that Isabella is walking in His grace. =)

    Her smile is marvellous!! Even her eyes smile!


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