Wednesday, April 15, 2009

tax day tea time...

I normally steer away from political topics on my blog, but today I wanted to share a bit of my day. It just happened to have been a rather politically-oriented day. You may have heard on the news about the TEA Parties taking place across the country today on tax day. Thousands of Americans in cities all over the nation were "taking a stand" today for what they believe in, and I was able to be one of those folks. It was my very first political rally, and it was actually a very positive experience.

We were joining what was expected to be only about 50 or so folks in the city of Seal Beach. As it turned out, the police estimated our crowd was about 750 people! And everyone was well-behaved, polite, smiling... it was a pleasant group with whom to protest.
It wasn't just about taxes... it was about the use of those taxes...

frustration with and objections to bailouts and excessive government spending...

the passing on of such a horrendous debt to our children and grandchildren...and other issues.
There were signs carried and flags waving (a terrific wind was blowing here today!)... and solidarity amongst the extremely varied crowd of all ages, ethnicities, and walks of life.
I am grateful that I live in a country where one is allowed to gather and peacefully demonstrate... where one is allowed to exercise freedom of speech... and, even more important, to be able to enjoy and experience freedom of worship.
Thank You, God, for the freedoms of my country. May I bravely and proudly stand up for them and may I always thank You for these privileges. I AM grateful!


  1. On a TOTALLY unrelated note, when did you change the blog colors? I was playing with mine earlier this morning, and I almost went with the same crunchy egg colors. Played with the exact same ones! Ended up going regal, but these are wonderful!

  2. I hate being taxed too (taking about which Mr Darling use to bail the bank which gives me mortgage). And they was just about to increase UK VAT from 14% to 21%...

  3. Amen sister! We were there with you in spirit! I love how the country is getting revved up and how God is moving among His people to take a stand.

  4. it is a blessing that we have that privilege, isn't it?

  5. I revelled in these tea parties yesterday. No looting, no violence, no fires. It was a great thing to see. And it was a greater thing that it absolutely freaked the media out.

  6. Psst, keep it to yourself. I've never lived in any country that excercises freedom of speech or opinion! So, you really must be glad, I think so. ;P

    It's sad to be taxed for unbelievable reasons. =(

  7. I wish I could have made it to our local tea party. I was there in spirit!


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