Monday, April 20, 2009

too hot to handle...

...and I'm not talking about Palm Springs!

It was lovely in Palm Springs this weekend--a great time with friends, sunshine, and swimming pools (yes, with an "s"!) I have photos to share, however, they will have to wait for another day or so. Unfortunately, my computer is a bit like me-- getting old and sensitive to high heat!

It's unseasonably hot for April, and I think it was in the lower 90's today! To make a long story short, my 2nd floor west-facing apartment is quite unbearably hot tonight! I could use a bit of this...
mmmmmm..... nice cool snow!
This was the top of the San Jacinto Mtns outside of Palm Springs.

And, since my floor fan is broken, I could sure use a few of these!! : )

Look at the size of those fans!!! (ok, so they're power-generating windmills, but I am envisioning one set up right in my living room!!)

Or a bit of this.... this was part of the pool at the condo we stayed at this weekend. This is the view off the back patio--there was a lovely golf course running along the back of the homes.

Ahhhhh... the sound of waterfalls... gushing water...
cool, flowing water!! (can you hear it??)

And, now, since my computer is just about the temperature it was at the last two times it shut itself off tonight, I close with one last little cool peak (peek?!) from the back yard...

Be cool!


  1. Hydrate yourself often, honey!

    Those giant fans are nice to have, hahaha!


    One of these days, I'm going to have to get out there...

  3. sounds like a wonderful time - hope the heat spell breaks soon

  4. We'd love to have a slightly smaller version of those big fans! Been pricing a 1 to 5 Kilowatt wind turbine - not in the budget yet! Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments - our lives are quite different so it is fun to see "what's up"be careful in that heat -


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