Friday, December 5, 2008

heart potato... (or "hot potato" if you have a Boston accent!)...

This week I received a real treat... I got a "care package" in the mail!! It was from a friend of mine in Arizona and arrived totally out of the blue. I felt like I was back in college all over again! I remember the excitement of receiving a box of love from someone who was thinking of me. It never really mattered what was in the box; it was enough that someone was letting me know they were thinking of me. And that was what I felt like this week! My friend, BB, was thinking of me.

The contents of this box also reminded me that my friend knows me...

There were some yummy heart-shaped cookies, a note, and some photos of us when I last visited. But the best part was something that not everyone would be so thrilled with. I, however, thoroughly enjoyed it...

...that's right!
a potato heart!!! : )
what fun!!
I've never seen a potato quite like it...
and I don't think I've enjoyed a potato more!
  • Thank You, God, for friends who know us so well... (151)
  • Thank You for the delight we can find in the little things... (150)
  • And thank You for heart-shaped tubers that bring such JOY!!! (149)


  1. Reading this reminded me of a child at Christmas. What delight! :)

  2. Your affinity for heart-shaped items is really endearing....not to mention....just plain cute!

  3. This is so rare! Glad that you've got such a great friendd.

  4. yes, ladies, i am blessed! :) and very much like a child at Christmas...but all year round! :)


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