Wednesday, December 3, 2008

things that make you go hmmm...??!

Sometimes we see things that make us say...HUH??? Well, I had one of those moments on the way to work. This is what I saw:

Hmmm. Looks like an O.K. place to put your bike to keep it safe. Just park it at the base of a tree to lock it up; a tree trunk is a good something around which to wrap your bike lock. Just lift it up a bit and wedge it in between those tree trunks. A good safe place to park your bike for the day...
But, wait a minute.
Something doesn't seem quite right...
Take a step or two back and look again...

What on earth is a bike doing UP IN A TREE???
I mean, I get the "lock it up safely" thing, but come on!

Whoa! That bike's WAY up there!
(I wonder what the birds are thinking today?!)

...just one of those things that make you go "hmmmm?"
and give you a laugh or two to start off your day!

All the days of the oppressed are wretched,
but the cheerful heart has a continual feast.
~Proverbs 15:15

eat up! feast on the joys of today!
may your heart be full!


  1. Loved the pics! and to your ending comments, a loudly pronouced, Amen!

  2. wow, is that on your neighborhood? must be quite an effort to get it up there!

  3. What a great verse for that little series of pictures. Truth is there is a continuous feast for those who choose joy and gratitude! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I hope stuff like this doesn't happen only in Southern California. Everyone should be able to get this kind of entertaiment.

  5. Hi Sharilyn!

    Yes it did bring a smile to my face and the words, "aint that somethin" to my lips.

    Best wishes,



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