Saturday, December 27, 2008

a post of gratitude...

to the kind and generous Giver of all good things, I am grateful for...

  • the days of rain over the past couple of weeks! (173)
  • dear friends with whom to spend special days (172)
  • lights and color (171)
  • photos of loved ones sent from afar (170)
  • delicious and plentious food (169)
  • facing a fear and staring it down! (168)
  • the Presence of God that gives me the power to do so! (167)
  • a good neighbor or two (166)
  • a beautiful blue sky (165)
  • crisp winter nights and cool days (164)
  • a clear sky to be able to see the distant mountains (163)
  • the beauty of snow-capped mountains (162)
  • Christmas cards received from friends and family (161)
  • a warm house (160)
  • friends at my house for dinner (159)
  • my Christmas tree given to me by a friend (158)
  • grocery stores with full shelves (157)
  • flickering candles burning (156)
  • laughter (155)
  • the ultimate Gift...of Savior... (154)

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