Saturday, December 13, 2008

joy ...

Today many people were out and about--shopping, shopping, shopping. They were searching for that perfect (or, perhaps, not so perfect) Christmas gift for someone on their list. They were braving the traffic and the crowds, waiting in long lines, spending money they may or may not have... all hardships endured in the hopes of obtaining a bit of "joy" to be given on Christmas day.

As for me, I was at home today--catching up on the housework of the week, doing laundry and dishes, listening to Christmas music, putting up a few Christmas lights on the balcony, finishing up my Christmas cards (supposedly). And then, in the midst of my day's hustle and bustle, I was lured into my neighbor's house by her little boy, Boog, and his delightful smile. He saw me and said, "Shellin, come play" (that's how he says my name). And I, not one to be able to resist a sweet little dimpled face asking me to play, left my chores and went in and played cars with him for awhile until it was time for his nap.

When I came home from church tonight and walked past Boog's living room window, he saw me through the glass, and his face lit up with excitement. As his mom opened the door to say hello to me, he ran to the door and, with a huge dimpled smile, said "Come IN, Shellin!!" He pulled me inside, dashed to the toybox, dragged his bag of puzzles over to me, and dumped them out at my feet...all the while saying, "Come on, Shellin! Come on!" What be so have someone so excited to play with me!

No, the chores didn't get finished today, nor did the Christmas cards, while I was playing with Boog. But what fun we had. There was JOY in the day...the joy that comes not from things purchased, or from a clean house, but from time spent with a child... from the smile on a little boy's face and the sound of his laughter as we raced cars down his little orange tracks... from the expressions of delight as we put puzzles together...from the squeals and giggles as we wrestled on the floor. ("Do it again, Shellin!")

...and this, this JOY, this experience of relationship, this love of a child... all because one would take time out for a child... to welcome a child... in the midst of a busy day, of a busy season, of a busy life...

...and may we find this JOY, this experience of relationship, this love a Child... may we take time out for Him, to welcome Him... in the midst of a busy day, of a busy season, of a busy life...
Joy is not in things;
it is in us.

~Richard Wagner
for JOY...what a gift! (153)


  1. It's so lovely to hear that you made a little person's day -- and that he made your world wonderful, too. I always have to remind myself that the chores can wait a little bit, and that Boo won't always be so excited to have me play with him. Even now he's getting older and other children have assumed more importance to him.
    About the star template; unfortunately the template is a patterned 3D piece of plastic which holds all the wire together, so without it i think the stars would be tricky. I'm sure you'd find something similar at a big craft shop, for very little cost.

  2. How did I miss this post. What a great way to spend the day. You are a sister that has her priorities straight! Thanks for the reminder to rearrange mine in the madness of just trying to keep up. :)

  3. ah yes, debra! can you tell i'm usually preaching to myself as well! :)

  4. I am so delighted that my sweet Boog brings joy to so many lives. He is truly a gift in the world. I am so happy that you made the time to spend with us!

    We are going to have a standing "play date" with you at LEAST once a month after we move. Okay? Then it's settled. :)


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