Wednesday, December 31, 2008

revelling in the setting sun, the close of an old year, the beginning of a new...

And, today, I give you the last of the Sunday beach adventure photos... these of the setting of the sun and ending of that day... to say 'goodbye' to the old year and to welcome with open arms and eager hearts the new year ahead...

(by the way, that's me in the photo below... or, at least, a shadow of me!)

I wish for each of you in the new year...

  • wonder at God's amazing creation
  • awe of God's incredible generosity, kindness, and love
  • a deep and lasting sense of God's presence
  • an awareness of His incomprehensible love for you
  • delightful companionship along life's way
  • joy in the journey
  • laughter
  • exciting adventures
  • and, eyes to see, ears to hear, and a heart to understand all the wonderful ways God touches your every day life...

Happy New Year!!


  1. Dear Sharilyn, you're so very blessed to witness these by the last days of 2008. I believe you must have felt so incredibly loved by our Father as you witnessed these moments. Thanks for sharing these fantastic shots, I wish I was there but the pictures are good enough to satisfy my eyes.

    I so desire everything you've got on your wish-list for us. Thank you so much Sharilyn, and I shall keep you on my blessing list too. =) Thanks for your friendship and love, and here's wishing you a very blessed 2009... Hugs and kisses.

  2. Sharilyn,
    Your post always inspire me to look at things at different prespective.
    I guess, I am very blessed to find you in cyber space. Thank you for all the encouragement I found in your blog.
    God bless and have a happy new year!

  3. Since my web browser is smarter than I am, here's my third attempt at this comment. :-)

    These are breathtaking pictures, and I love the wide angle in that first one. Of course since everything reminds me of a Shawn McDonald song these days, the other pictures made me think of his song, Light.

    I will be the sun up in your sky
    That's keeping you alive
    I will be the headlights in your night
    When you drive
    Just cling to Me
    And I'll set you free


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