Friday, February 20, 2009

clouds out the window...

I have discovered that there is one distinct disadvantage of taking a roadtrip by oneself when one is constantly seeing things outside the car that simply shout to be photographed... well, one cannot take the photographs! or, can one??

Please, please do not tell the California Highway Patrol, but I could not resist!! After driving nearly three hours in driving rain (ha!), I drove out of the rain...and into such a beautiful blue sky filled with the most lovely clouds that I could not contain myself!

And so, I learned to take one-handed-out-the-right-hand-passenger-window-over-the-shoulder photos... are a few of the cloud shots I was able to capture, shall we say "sight unseen?"

It was actually a great adventure in photography, as I had no real idea what I may or may not be capturing. I had fun later that night looking to see what, if anything, I had actually photographed. I got several good shots and even a couple of surprises... but those are for another day! : )

Edited 2/21 - please note, as I have received comments of folks concerned for my safety (and probably the safety of others) my eyes were on the road in front of me--only my right hand was playing while i was driving! That was why I had no real idea WHAT I was photographing! : ) (as could be verified by the majority of photos being of the door of my car or of completely uninteresting sky!) These were just some which actually turned out ot be cool! Fear not! I was being safe ... probably FAR more than most folks talking on the phone while driving!!


  1. Good pics and glad to have you still alive to boot!

  2. Great photographs ... especially the storm clouds. Glad you didn't have any vehicle mishaps! :)

  3. I shouldn't admit this, but I've done that too!

    I did see something recently that made me think of you:

  4. Very pretty pictures but that out the window over the shoulder stuffs sounds wild! I'm glad I wasn't a bug on your windshild. I might have been scared! ;)


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