Tuesday, February 3, 2009

sweet heart...

This is what I found in my basket of strawberries this morning...

I love it when God says ...
"Let me call you Sweet Heart!"

Thank You, Lord, for Your amazing love that I find in such unexpected ways and places! (175)
today's post dedicated to my friend, Stardust!
this one's for YOU! :)


  1. Hi Sharilyn.

    This is a really cool photo! Love it!

    Best wishes,


  2. I love how you can see these hearts everywhere. Makes me wonder how much I've been missing...

  3. wow - that is just gorgeous - what a wonderful find

  4. Sweetheart, I tried leaving a message yesterday but it wouldn't let me. I can't be more touched by this special post, it made me smile. =) The heart reminds me of your warmth, and friendship, berry berry special.

    Hugs. You're one in a million.

  5. This takes my breath away. You see God in everthing.

    Also, dear one, I can't stop here without thanking you for your encouragement during my time of trial of late. You are a sweet, sweet person. God bless you!!!

  6. I don't know how you find these hearts everywhere. God must really send them your way, or maybe my man genes make me miss them. :-)


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