Tuesday, February 24, 2009

for His glory...

In human intercourse the tragedy begins,
not when there is misunderstanding about words,
but when silence is not understood.
~Henry David Thoreau
In light of the problems many of us have been experiencing in Blogger the past few days--that of our "followers" mysteriously disappearing and our comments sections not working properly--I thought this quote would be appropriate.
When we are suddenly faced with "silence" from our regular blogger buddies, either from no comments being left or from their faces disappearing from our "followers" list, most of us fall immediately into self-doubt or introspection. What did I say to offend? Was I boring? What was IN that last post?!?! Where have they gone?!?
And an even bigger question brought up from the very depths by the unexplained silence: "What do we do (and how do we feel) if no one comments or follows us?" That question takes us right to the heart of the issue. That one should make each one of us examine why we blog in the first place... is it about the strokes? the praise? or is it to share the awesomeness of God in our worlds? to share with others the wonders of knowing the Creator of the universe?
My blogger friend, Billy, addressed the "follower" issue in a post today, and we, his readers, were reminded that it's not about who reads our blogs or about how many readers we have each day. Or, at least it shouldn't be. It's about how we let God speak to us and through us by what we write or what photos we share... and it's about the community we are involved in as we write our blogs and read those of others. It's about how we bring glory to our Father--the true Writer of all our stories--rather than to ourselves.
As for me, I don't have a huge list of followers, and to be completely honest, at times in the beginning, that bothered me a bit. I saw other bloggers with multitudes of followers, and I wondered what I was doing wrong. Then I remembered why I started my blog in the first place--it wasn't about me... it was all about God, the Giver of all good gifts. It was about looking for Him all around me... and as my title says, it was to be "...thoughts about everyday life--with its joys and sorrows and oh, so many mysteries-- about opening our eyes to see God's hand and HEART in the details of daily life and about learning to hear His whispers of love in the midst of a shouting world..."
And that purpose, that mission statement if you will, does not require comments from others, nor does it require followers. It simply requires that I open my eyes and my heart to see His hand and to hear His voice. And that I am faithful to acknowledge His presence, His GOODNESS, in my daily life.
So, if others would like to join me in the adventure, I say, "Come along with me! Let's do this thing called 'life' together!" And, when there is silence--when the praise or encouragement is not heard and when no one else seems to be "in it" with us--let us each continue to do that which God has called us to. If it is writing, let him write. If it is photographing, let her photograph. But in all things, let us seek His face and give Him the glory...
"Perseverance must finish its work
so that you may be mature and complete,
not lacking anything."
~James 1:4


  1. Said much better than me, Sharilyn.

  2. Sharilyn, Your blog is rockin,' because you give glory to God!

  3. Hey! I love your blog. And I only have one follower of my blog, and so I HAVE to make it all about God.


  4. Yesterday, I had the incredible opportunity to speak into a young lady's life, and she said, "Miss Jerri, I feel like God has gone silent. Why isn't He talking to me?"

    The Lord gave me the wisdom to say, "Sometimes He just wants to know, 'Do you still know I am here? Do you trust that I have not left you? Do you trust that I will never leave or forsake you? Do you trust my character enough to know I am still here, even when you don't hear me?' Sometimes He hasn't left. Sometimes He just wants you to choose to believe He is there."

    I pondered that for a long, long time.

    I think all friendships are that way, and I tend to think of my blogger buddies as friends. Sometimes life hits--the flu, extra hours at work, family needs, whatever, and suddenly, the phone or the comment box or the email box goes silent. In that silence, do you trust that the people who truly care about you are still there? Do you trust their hearts and their character? Do you trust that they value you enough to work things through if you did offend them?

    Silence is a test. It is also affirmation. It is a security blanket that offers trust and calm. In quietness and trust is your strength (Isaiah). In the quietness, trust and see the strength of the love your Father and your friends have for you.

  5. you, my friends, are the best blogging friends, and i am truly grateful for you in my cyber world! here i write a post about this not being for affirmation, and you turn around and give me affirmation! you all bless me far more than anything i could ask or imagine!!

    and, jerri, i truly appreciate your words...

    thank you all for being a part of my life in this way!


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