Friday, February 6, 2009

the joy of being an adult...

Today was another day of rain. (Have I mentioned that I LOVE the rain?!!?) I watched the rain out my window at work, and I couldn't wait to be off! I couldn't wait to get outside IN the rain--driving in it, walking in it, feeling it beat on my head and run down my face...

Perhaps, it is the Midwest girl in me--missing summer rainstorms and spring showers. Perhaps it is because I live in a state that doesn't differentiate all that much between its seasons. Perhaps, it's just that I love getting outside and playing around when the weather is a bit unfriendly.

I went the store on the way home tonight, and it wasn't raining when I went in. When I came back out, however, it was a downpour! I walked out into it and enjoyed the feel of the rain pouring down upon me. And when I went to get into my car, it was in the middle of a big puddle. I just stepped into it and laughed as my shoes filled and my pants legs got soaked. For some reason, I just find it fun!

Then, because it is southern California, and the streets are not designed with proper rain drainage in mind, there are many streets around my neighborhood that fill up and flood after a day of rain. I made sure to drive (even a bit out of my way) home via those streets so I could plow merrily through them with my Pathfinder and A/T tires! I love how the water splashes all the way over my car as I drive right through those giant puddles! {sigh} Does it get any better than that?! : )

I was reminded of a "poem" I wrote some years back during a rainy period in the town where I used to live. I thought I would share it with you tonight...

The Joy of Adulthood
I have discovered once again
one of the true joys of being an adult...
It is going out on a rainy evening with a friend,
laughing together at secrets shared,
walking home in the rain
and refusing to use your umbrella,
letting the rain pour down upon you,
soaking you to the skin.
It is splashing in all the puddles along the way,
until your feet squish in your shoes,
then running into the house,
and jumping into a hot bath filled with bubbles,
burying yourself in them and staying there
until your toes are unrecognizable pink raisins.
It is climbing into soft flannel pajamas and a warm, snuggly bed,
with a hot cup of cocoa and a bedtime story--
no responsibilities, no worries,
no cares of the world...
just listening to the rain on the window
and reveling in the frolic of the evening.
Perhaps, after all, one of the true joys of being an adult
Is remembering how to be a child...
* * * * *
And, if it's still raining when I get up tomorrow morning, I think I'll go for a long wet walk...


  1. I'm with you. I LOVE the rain. To me, it is a reminder that God washes away all that is bad and allowing for what is new when it is washed away. He is good!

  2. I used to love kicking off my shoes and walking around in a warm spring rain. It's probably been five years since I have done that though. Maybe I need to get back into the habit...


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