Saturday, February 28, 2009

feeling a bit sheepish...

When I was in Surprise (AZ), I was surprised--and delighted!--to see this field full of cuties right along the roadside. Now, perhaps farm animals are not your "thing," but I cannot resist such wonderful four-legged photo opportunities! When I shrieked in delight, pulled my camera out, and started making sounds like one who is going to leap out of the car whether or not it has stopped, my friend was gracious enough to do a u-turn and let us out to go see the creatures!
I just think they're wonderfully adorable!
I liked the "like mother, like daughter" poses in the next three shots...

...And then we were sighted...
"Hey, what's goin' on over there?!"

"Are they lookin' at us?! I don't think I like the looks of this!
Are they gonna SHOOT us?!"
(quite smart for sheep, don't you think?)
...and that was the end of that little photo adventure!

But, it was fun while it lasted....
usually I have to get my cute baby farm animal fixes at Farmgirl Fare
(where the baby donkeys are to die for!!).
It was fun to have a live encounter! : )


  1. I noticed that the lamb in the photos hadn't had its tail bobbed off. Funny what you notice, isn't it?

  2. how funny! i didn't even think about it! :) i kind of like the long tail!


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