Monday, February 16, 2009

love in the Arizona desert...

I just got home from spending the weekend in Arizona with good friends of mine who live there. They are near Phoenix, and the drive tonight was a long 7 hrs due to rain the instant I hit the California state line... and then much of the rest of the way home.

I thought I would give you a small taste of the desert scenery (though I didn't do much photographing on this trip. It was quite overcast much of the time.) This was where we took a little drive this morning--off-roading a bit.
And, this is what I found out there...

...a little bit of love in the desert...

...just a little bit more evidence that God meets us wherever we are!
(no, Dave...they're not photoshopped!! :) )


  1. wow, a heart shaped rock again, how fortunante! It's like God engrave his love for us everywhere, it's just a matter of whether we notice it or not!

  2. Still amazes me how you can find these wherever you go.

  3. Gee, I'm always looking for arrowheads and meteors. I've never stopped to look for hearts.

  4. I love it! Sometimes God is simply "fun".

  5. I'm awed by your numerous finds!! I notice that these are rocks buried underneath and exposed in a shape of heart. It all sounds so special, you appear especially special because of what's being revealed to you all the time. =)

    Thank you for offering your words of comfort at blue times. It's like having an angel around. God has showed His extra measure of love through your special presence. =) I wish you a blessed day too.

  6. Well Lil sure can click a camera! (I my best John Wayne voice). Thank you for coming by and for enriching our lives and brightening our weekend!


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