Wednesday, February 25, 2009

God sky...

Whenever anyone mentions the words "God sky," most of us know exactly what they're talking about... that wonderful kind of sky where there are rays of light filtering through the clouds and descending to the ground... the kind of rays on which the angels slide from heaven to earth... the kind of rays that remind us that God is looking down on this ol' world...

That's "God sky."

As I was driving to Phoenix to visit my friends, I had a real treat. I was driving east, but when I looked in my rear view mirror at the setting sun, THERE IT WAS!! GOD SKY!! and what an awesome one it was, too!

I pulled to the side of the road, leaped out of the car with my camera in hand (in just my socks...who has time to put shoes back on when 'God sky' is waiting to be seen?!), and stood in awe. It was beautiful...
...and what better to add to "God sky" than .... crosses! Look at that!!
Yes, I do realize they're telephone poles, but with the rays of sunshine pouring down upon them, they looked like crosses to me...

...a beautiful reminder of the sacrifice of our amazing Lord...

in the amazing setting of a "God sky" sunset...

The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
Day after day they pour forth speech;
night after night they display knowledge.
There is no speech or language
where their voice is not heard.
~Psalm 19:1-3


  1. Hi Sharilyn,

    I love those sunbursts. I'd never thought of them as Godsky before, but I like that name. It's a keeper!

    Best wishes,


  2. Wow! That rocks! Especially the crosses ... how profound. I love the way God shows you things in pictures.

  3. "Godsky." I'd never heard of that before either, but it's the perfect word for it. Fantastic pictures. You have quite an eye.

  4. That is so cool! My girls and I always look for God skys (in the PNW we get quite a few) isn't it funny how you can see something so much but it still thrills that spot in us?

  5. I love these series of pictures, awesome! God is awesome!!

    Sorry for not dropping by as often. I'm now having a good time enjoying your posts one by one. =)

  6. wow. i thought everyone called it that! :) but, no matter what we call it, it's beautiful! and i agree with Lanny, every time i see it, no matter how many times i've seen it before, it still stops me in my tracks!

    and thanks, billy, for your kind words...Debra, too!

    enjoy at your leisure, star.... :) glad to see you again!


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