Wednesday, May 20, 2009

eggs-actly how I like it!

This evening my mom and I had dinner with a friend at a pancake house. I didn't end up with pancakes; I decided to have eggs with biscuits and gravy. (please, let's not think about the cholesterol or fat content...this was just pure eating fun!)

My order included two eggs, and this is what my plate looked like when it arrived:

Ummmm.... I don't know about anyone else, but I believe I'm seeing FOUR eggs here!

When I started to ask about the eggs situation, the waitress, already anticipating the question, quickly said, "We only serve eggs with double yolks here!"

WOW! My favorite part and double the deliciosity!! (yes, I'm sure that is a word! if not, it should be!)

Just thought I would share the oddity of the day and my doubly-delightful dinner...eggsactly how I like my eggs!!


  1. wow, so all egg they have is double yolk? Interesting, I wonder what did they do to the chicken :P

  2. Egg with double yolk? That's new to me! I wonder the size of the eggies.

  3. Yoke on! I'm not sure what that means... but it seemed appropriate:)

    My mouth started watering when you said "Pancake House". We have one here with Strawberry Crepes - I think I need to go there soon.

  4. oh wow, that is a generous plate. hope it was yummy.

  5. Score! I didn't know those existed, but that's awesome!


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