Saturday, May 23, 2009


This is what it is like on a regular basis living in the city as I do:

But, for this week, I've been enjoying the benefits of living in the country!

Ahhhh.... being awakened in the morning by the sound of Canada geese flying over to the lake... looking up at the multitudes of stars in the dark night sky... doing yard work with my mom... and going to sleep to the sound of frogs in the nearby ponds...

It's been glorious... and I am truly grateful!!
...the chicken appears here today with permission from Doug, chicken artist extraordinaire!


  1. ahhhh, it is a wonderous thing quiet.

  2. That sounds nice. I try not to mow or do anything before 9am, but I am a rare one in my neighborhood. Plus, I don't like waking up before 9 if I can help it. :-)

  3. Have been living for some time in the city and it's so true to have so many noises around me all the time (just like that in the comic :D !). It's sheer bliss to have the silence in the countryside...


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