Friday, May 15, 2009

glorious spring day in Chicago!

This day in Chicago was a delightful Midwest spring day, and I was loving it!! It was cold, wet, soggy, and rainy!
When I was working in my hotel room, I had the curtains WIDE open--terribly gloomy grey sky, rain, and beautifully brilliant spring-green trees!
Look at all that wonderful green!!

...and at that wet, rainy-day parking lot...

This was the tree straight down from my 5th floor balcony...
...and look! it's even in bloom!
(a far different bloom from the purple jacarandas at home, but such a lovely spring green)
This was my favorite shot, though... the wet black asphalt, the pretty green leaves of the tree, the dark brown tree trunk, the puddles along the curb, and the delightful reflection of the tree on the pavement...
Spring in the Midwest...
(eat your heart out, southern CA!) :)


  1. if you have to be in a hotel room, sometimes a rainy day is the best of them all

  2. Glorious... love the rain, and your right we need it in SoCal so badly.

  3. I love Spring green just as much. Travelling on the roads these days can be so healing. The window pane gives me a picture of a quiet room, best for quiet time.

    Aren't we loving the same good things all the time? ;)


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