Tuesday, May 19, 2009

a steal of a deal...

This week I am with my family in the lovely state of Michigan... which is right now in the glorious state of spring!! So many beautiful flowering trees and an unbelievable amount of different shades of green! I, of course, am taking far too many photos as usual! (I am, however, only making short posts this week, as my mom's computer is dial-up and does not like to upload photos. I will have to share the loveliness with you all when I get home next weekend.)

But for now... one of my favorites so far this week:

Hmmmm.... 60% off or "free"??
Have a good week and many smiles!


  1. Ah yes, I caught the message in FB. Have a wonderful time with your family dear. Looking forward to your sharing when you're back. =D

  2. wow - that is a great deal. enjoy your visit


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