Wednesday, May 6, 2009

things that make you go....wha'???

I was driving home from work one evening and came to this intersection. As you can see, the light was red, so I stopped. I was looking around while waiting for the light to turn green, and wait a minute!... WHAT IS THAT?? Do you see what I see??... up ahead on the right, peering out of the yard over the fence...??? It looks like a ... a... no, it couldn't be!... it looks like a DINOSAUR!!

The light turned green, so I had to start driving again...
Yes, I do believe it IS a dinosaur!! Look at it!! It looks like a T-Rex!!
Let's get a little closer...
Uh-oh! He's looking right at me!! I think he sees me!!
And, I don't think he looks too happy, either!
Or maybe that's just a big friendly toothy grin...??!
Yes, folks, that's right... it IS a dinosaur! (and not even at the tar pits!!)
Right here in our city!!
I wonder if there are any regulations about pet size here???


  1. The other day, I saw an arm hanging out from a boot before my car and it caught my eyes for seconds before I realised that it was a toy/prop. People these days...

    But aren't they cute? ;P

  2. yes, indeed! i love the sense of fun, and i love when i find it in other folks in random places! this dinosaur made me laugh every time i saw him! but, he also made me wonder how many people drive by every day and never even notice... probably many! let's always keep our eyes and hearts open to these delightful moments!! :)

  3. LOL hilarious - that would have caught my eye too


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