Saturday, May 16, 2009

please pray for Elijah...

Don't let that happy little smiling face fool you... this is a very serious Saturday post.

This little boy is Elijah. He is six years old and has been diagnosed with cancer--an inoperable brain tumor. Elijah has been through chemotherapy and radiation, and he is not doing well. During the period of radiation treatment, his tumor grew to almost three times its original size. The doctors have stopped radiation and have basically said that he will not survive. His parents, Rick and Melanie, have not given up hope and are praying over him.

There is an institute in Houston, TX, where they are trying to get him into a clinical trial. The treatment is going to cost about $150,000, and it is not covered by insurance. His parents have about $60,000 to get him there and get the treatment started but are desperately trying to raise the additional $90,000.

This family are direct friends of dear friends of mine and are asking for as many people as possible to pray for Elijah-- and also for his mom and dad and brother, Gabriel (8). They need a miracle and would love for others to pray as well.

Though I don't normally do this kind of post, this is all God's work, and I wanted to share this urgent need with you. I've been posting much lately about miracles, and this is one of those big ones... and, we know that NOTHING is impossible for God! Please pray for Elijah and his family. If you would like more information about Elijah, to see more photos of him, or if you have a desire to donate in any way toward his treatment, please visit the site set up by his family. (every $1 adds up... and think "loaves and fishes"! God is in the business of multiplication!)

Our dear heavenly Father, we thank You for this precious life! We pray You would give him and his family a miracle-- that You would heal his little body! We ask for finances for whatever treatment may be available, for wisdom of doctors, for peace and comfort for his family, and for all the glory to go to You for this miraculous provision! Thank You, Jesus, that You love Elijah! Thank You for miracles!


  1. I'm sad to learn about Elijah.

  2. I can't imagine what his parents had been through. I am praying that may God perfect will be done and at the same time giving his parents that faith that will defeat all worry and fear.


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