Monday, May 25, 2009

today, we remember...

Today, I remember my Grandpa. I used to love to hang out with him when I was a kid. I loved the outdoors and nature and all kinds of creatures. My Grandpa would take me out in the field to see the deer at the salt lick. He would search out unused bird nests and then take me out to find them and bring them home. (My favorite was a beautiful silvery grey hanging Baltimore Oriole nest!) He found little bird and mouse skeletons and put them in jars for me to keep. How I loved to visit my Grandpa.

I also remember that he had a great big ink-blue tattoo running the length of his right forearm. It was an eagle and an anchor, and it was from his days in the Navy. I remember it being there and remember tracing it with my finger. But, I never really thought about what it represented.

Today, I also remember my Uncle Bob. I used to love to visit my aunt and uncle's house and my two cousins. Uncle Bob used to tease me, and I loved teasing him right back. We laughed and joked and enjoyed each other's company. He was always fun for me to be around.

This weekend while I was in Michigan, my mom and uncles and cousin and her family got together at the cemetary to remember our loved ones who were laid to rest there several years ago: my Aunt Helen, my Grandpa and Grandma, and my Aunt Linda and Uncle Bob. We honored them by weeding and planting flowers and tending to their gravesites.
It was while there that I was reminded that Grandpa had served in the Navy during World War II. There was a plaque on the back of his and Grandma's headstone as a reminder.It was while there that I discovered that Uncle Bob had also served in the US military. He had been in the Army and had served in Vietnam. Funny, though I'm sure it left a very lasting impression on him, I don't remember him ever mentioning it.
My Dad and also another uncle of mine both served in the Army in their younger days. So many in my family alone. Men who served in the military-- willing to give their lives for their country and for their loved ones. I am proud of these men in my life who all gave of themselves for the rest of us... for me.

As I looked around the cemetary, I saw flags and plaques on many of the other headstones. So many men and women who have served our country. I am proud of each one of them, and I am grateful for the freedom they earned and protected for me by their service and sacrifice.

Today we remember those who gave their lives in defense of our country's freedoms.

Today we remember and honor those who served in any of the US armed forces.

Today we remember and honor those who, this day, are serving in the protect us and to preserve our freedoms.
Today we honor you...and say THANK YOU! for your service, for your sacrifice, for your gift to us... we are grateful! You are all heros in my book!

God bless the USA. And, God, please bless and protect the men and women in its service.


  1. Sharilyn, thank you for this intimate sharing. I can see the images of your fond memories, your grandpa and Uncle Bob. They're true heros indeed, noble men who are willing to protect their country. They should be remembered.

    My bro serves in the army right now. There's a lot of hardship, but he's not even complaining. I'm so very proud of him and the others in the military. Still, I pray for world peace and though I know I may be naive, I hope that war never have to take place again.

  2. all that serve I honor so is such a sacrifice. a beautiful post

  3. What a beautiful tribute to your family, Sharilynn. May we all honor their sacrifice.

  4. It was great to have you join in our Memorial Day weekend tradtion!

    It really touched my heart, with you speaking of Grandpa and my dad. :o) Grandpa was always a well of information and you could always find more if you dug a little ;o) (Roger even got things out of him, that I had never heard!) My parents, and I, really enjoyed spending time with you also! Some of my best memories as a child, were get togethers with your family!! We always had an entertaining time!! :oD

    My dad never really spoke about his time in the army, besides the time that the local paper did a story about him driving Gen. Schwarzkopf. Apparently he had been a driver for the General on some trip he had overseas. The only time I had even heard about that! Wow!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings!

    Love you!!


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