Monday, May 11, 2009

witnessing a miracle...

A couple of days ago, I witnessed a miracle. No, really. I did. It was a modern-day miracle.

Miracles, you know, come in all sizes and shapes. Some are big, some are small. Some even seem like "chance happenings." But, we who believe KNOW that God does miracles in our daily lives if we will open our eyes to see them.

My friend, who is a very organized person, could not find a file containing several very important documents. It was not just your run-of-the-mill ordinary important file but one she needed for legal purposes, and there was a very tight timeframe in which to produce it. She had looked in the place where it was supposed to be, and it was nowhere to be found. She looked in any other places where it might be, and it was still nowhere to be found. She spent several days looking for the file, but it was just missing. We kept praying that she'd find it.

With the deadline looming ever nearer, my friend woke up exceptionally early Friday morning with the missing file on her mind. She was very tempted to go the very human reactions of exasperation and frustration and anger... but she refused to let the enemy have any ground in this battle. She refused to go to those "old places" of the flesh and determined she would instead, stand firm against the enemy and find a place of peace...trusting in God no matter the outcome of the search.

She put on her armor, prayed for peace, and went back into the garage to search for the file. She bravely faced the file cabinet, prepared to search through every file in every drawer until she found the one she needed. She opened a drawer, and there-- in the first drawer, in the very front WAS THE MISSING FILE!!!

Seriously! It was a miracle!! And, to me, it was somewhat in the same vein as Jesus turning water into wine... making something out of nothing... or like a lost sheep being found.

To me, it was a very vivid reminder how important are the every-day bits of our lives to our Father. And how He loves showing Himself when we refuse to agree with our flesh and the enemy, when we trust in Him, when we rest in His place of peace.

Thank You, God, for the everyday --yet not so everyday-- miracles in our lives!

To You be all the glory!!


  1. Making something out of nothing ... oh, I needed to hear that today. Gearing up for another battle, a trial that we will win with the Lord leading. Looking for a miracle! Will email you!

  2. What a cool story, Sharilyn. Oh yes, miracles do abound. All we have to do is go looking for them...

  3. I have times like that!! And joy just fills my heart whenever miracle happens. I love such times when I fasten my faith, and keep on looking, keep on trying, keeping an open mind. Miracles do happen. =)

  4. I love when God does that!!!

    When we lose things, I try to make praying the first priority. God always knows where it is, and He is faithful to show us. He cares so much...even about the daily stuff like finding glasses, the keys, and a child's doll. He is amazing!!!


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