Tuesday, May 12, 2009

things you DON'T want to see in your pool...

That's definitely something you don't want to find in your swimming pool!!
My friend is the President of her condo's Home Owner's Association, and she received a late night 911 call. When she listened to the message left on her voice mail, she discovered that one of the owners had seen a creature --a very large snake-- in the pool. They weren't sure... but it looked very real and more than a bit intimidating!
When I got to her house in the morning,
I found the following note in the elevator...

I love it...
Just one more of those things that make me smile!!
* * * * *
(but I do think they should have written: "fowling" the water!)
These are things that bring joy to my day!


  1. wow! I've never seen that before. how scary

  2. Nearly screamed out loud. How frightening ...

  3. Is that really a dummy snake? I thought it looks like nasty insides of some large animal. What way to fool the birdies! HAHAHA!

  4. I am LAUGHING!!! Course, I didn't live there or try to use the pool, so it is funny to me.

    I'm with you on "fowling" the water. I thought the same thing...and laughed harder!!!

  5. wow, what a trick! Mmm... I wonder whether the ducks here afraid os snake because UK doesn not have dangerous snake except for blackadder.

  6. That artifical snake would have worked and kept me out of the water too!

    Best wishes,



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