Friday, July 10, 2009

beautifully flighty creatures of Georgia...

When I was in Georgia, I was treated to seeing some of the little creatures that live in that country. Some of them even were kind enough to sit still long enough for me to photograph them! Like, this fuzzy little baby butterfly: (well, it IS, you know!)

I have no idea what he will look like in his adulthood, but I thought he was quite lovely in his "worm" state! Look at the patterns...and that wonderfully red head!!

And, here are several butterflies I was able to capture...

This little guy below sporting the black and white and yellow was especially calm and cooperative!
He was hanging out on a stick, and he let us hold him up close for examination...I think he may creatively pose as a bee to ward off predators. God gave some of his creatures the best camoflage tricks!
I especially love the shot below...
it looks like this one is ready for take-off!

...and here is one that has just come in for a landing...

My absolute favorite little butterflies, however, were very small and very fast-flying blue ones we saw in one of the villages in the south part of Georgia. It was a small village out in the country, and we saw the blue butterflies flitting all over the place. I tried and tried to get a close-up shot of them, but they would NOT hold still! (I think they were a bit overly-caffeinated or hyped up on some sort of super-nectar!) They weren't very remarkable-looking on the outside of their wings--sort of a pale brown with just a hint of powder blue.

And then,
one landed
and sat still
for just a few seconds....
just long enough
to capture these...
Isn't it beautiful??
(and especially against the dusty brown backdrop)

...lovely, lovely blue...
...the fuzzy white body...
and look at that adorable face!!

Ah, isn't traveling delightful?


  1. Wow! You are an AMAZING photographer. I can only imagine your photo albums. One day, I just know I'll get to sit around with you and look at them.

    I especially love the baby butterfly! :) ... and the cotrast with the blue butterfly. God has a great imagination, doesn't he!

    Love you!

  2. wow - that blue is just gorgeous....of course they are all beautiful in their own way.

  3. Butterflies are one of my favourites of God's great creation! I love the blue one especially! =D


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