Monday, July 20, 2009

God has a heart for Mexico...

While I was on our house-build mission trip in Mexico this past weekend, I was reminded of God's love for the people of Mexico.....

These hearts of love were in the fence around the pool at "The Ranch" where we stayed in Tecate--Rancho La Paloma.

And, for those of you who prefer to see non-man-made declarations of God's amazing love...

I discovered this one in the road at the work site where we were building the houses for the two families. What delight!

"...he sent the people to their homes,
joyful and glad in heart
for the good things the LORD had done..."
~2 Chronicles 7:10 (in part)


  1. Great capture! I believe you can find God's heart everywhere in the world. Unfortunately not many human notice them :-(

  2. God loves your heart, too. The heart of a sweet, faithful daughter who serves Him mightily! Love you!

  3. i do delight in each and every one He shows me! it's glorious!

    and thanks, debra... you are such a treasure!!


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