Thursday, July 30, 2009

a fun way to end a year...

Can you believe it? This is my 365th consecutive post! For those of you who have persevered and plodded along this journey with me, I am grateful!. For those of you who have dropped in along the way, I am so glad!

I thought I would wrap up the year of blogging with a fun "God has such a great sense of humor" post starring a few delightful food items which have crossed my path...

There's a great line in the movie "The Matrix" where they're all sitting at the table eating some highly nutritious runny grey glop that is their staple meal. One of the characters complains about it, and another character says something like "...vitamins, nutrients, everything a body needs." And yet, it's so very unappetizing in its greyness and goopy texture. It definitely doesn't look like something I'd want to eat every meal, day after day!

Isn't it wonderful that God has given us such a variety of foods to eat?! I mean, it could all just look the color and feel the texture of cooked oatmeal! Sort of blah and uninspiring! But, no! He gave us colors and shapes and textures... and even a few silly ones, too...

I present to you --for your enjoyment and entertainment and for God's glory--four of my favorite (non-heart-shaped) food discoveries...

a blue potato chip!!!

(courtesy of Jet Blue Airlines,

made from blue potatoes)

...on the table, next to and inside the 3rd box from the front--

(discovered at a farmer's market in Northern California)


...and last, but most certainly NOT least--
what I like to call...

(these crazy curly worm-looking cukes were grown
here in a front yard garden in southern CA!)

God truly is good at filling our days with delighful and fun things
if we can open our eyes to see...

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  1. congrats on your year! i enjoy reading your posts and look forward to reading more


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