Wednesday, July 8, 2009

lost in translation?

I love it when I find signs that are either unusual or a little "off"...
they tend to make me smile!
While I was in Georgia, as my nephews and I were traipsing up a long, steep hill on the way to an old castle high above the city of Tbilisi, we passed a work crew of men tearing up the road. There was a wonderful sign I saw doing its best to warn us of the potential danger in our path...
Love that Georgian writing... it's so beautiful and unusual...
and speaking of was, I must admit, the translation into English!
Hmmm.... be sure to watch out for that WHOLE in the road! It's a deep one! :)


  1. wow, you mean that scriblle is writting something in english??? gosh, that's looks beautiful but so... unreadable :-)

  2. LOL my brother and I were just discussing this on Monday because he had a questions about it.

    great find

  3. yes, char... i think this one was a WHOLE HOLE! :)

  4. jh- it is lovely, isn't it? and i can actually read some of the letters now: the second letter in each of the three words is an "r" and the one that looks like a large M is an "o"... :)


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