Thursday, July 23, 2009

giving thanks...

Following my recent mission trip to Mexico to house-build, I decided it's time for another post focused solely on being grateful... we (I!) have so much and take so much for granted....
  • for running water
  • and indoor plumbing
  • for a toilet that flushes (and handles toilet paper!)
  • for electricity in my house
  • for fans to circulate the warm air in my apartment
  • and fresh air not full of pollution
  • for carpeting and linoleum rather than dirt floors
  • for a shower --with hot and cold water
  • for a kitchen with a refrigerator and stove
  • for food in my cupboards
  • and dirty dishes in my sink
  • for a roof that doesn't leak
  • and solid doors and windows
  • for a comfortable bed
  • and a closet full of clothes
  • for shoes to wear
  • and teeth to brush
  • for a car that runs
  • and money for gas to run it
  • for medicine when I'm sick
  • and good health most of the time
  • for friends who care
  • and kids in my life to play with
  • ...their peals of laughter
  • and eyes sparkling with mischief and joy
  • for sand and sea and splashing in waves
  • for making it to adulthood
  • but still being able to be a child
  • for a Father Who loves me beyond what I can imagine

...for these things and so many more, I am grateful...


  1. Great gratitude post!! We sometimes forget to really see what we take for granted!


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