Wednesday, July 1, 2009

fruit-ful lessons...

When I was in Georgia, we went one day to visit the YWAM (Youth With A Mission) students and staff in the village where they were staying for their ministry outreach. While we were there chatting with a couple of them, a local village man stopped by for a chat. He brought with him a large bag of home-grown cherries as a gift.

While he was in the "visiting" room enjoying a cup of turkish coffee and conversation with one of the students, my sister and I were in the other room chatting with another, D. D had brought in a bowl full of the cherries the visitor had brought, and we began to happily munch on them as we talked. They were juicy and sweet--very delicious! I think I had eaten six or seven when suddenly D discovered that one of hers had a small white worm in it!

So, to play it safe, we started opening each cherry before eating it, only to discover that EACH and EVERY one of those cherries had a live worm in it!! Uh, yeah. That means I probably ate at least six or seven live worms!! (I must admit I wasn't so eager to eat any more of the delicious cherries!)
Also while in Georgia, I kept seeing a strange round yellow fruit at the outdoor markets. Always game to try new foods, I ended up buying some. Each fruit had a couple of large seeds inside and the flesh was sort of soft and sweet, tasting kind of like a pear and a pineapple. They were yummy though they weren't very beautiful to look at:
As I was looking at my photos, I ran across these two photos of fruit-- one looking very delicious and pretty and the other not so pretty and even, perhaps, a little unappetizing. It was interesting to me that they were actually the opposite of what they seemed to be-- the pretty ones had worms inside (though still tasty, if you don't mind the added protein!) and the unattractive ones were sweet and yummy.
The thought came to mind that this is a great example of the "things of the world" vs "the things of God." The things of the world--wealth, success, possessions, even sin--seem so lovely, so appealing, so desirable. Yet, they are not what brings us health, peace, and true joy--there is a wormy core to them. Whereas, many times the things of God--sacrifice, obedience, suffering, service--seem so unattractive to our eyes; they do not cause us to eagerly reach out for them or to embrace them. Yet, these are the very things which bring us closer to God Himself...and give us peace, joy, and life!
I want to be eager to taste the things of God--even if they don't look so wonderful or tasty on the surface! I know they are what will bring life to my soul and joy to my heart! I pray that we may hunger for more of God, however that may be packaged!
But the fruit of the Spirit is
love, joy, peace, patience,
kindness, goodness, faithfulness,
gentleness and self-control.
~Galatians 5:22-23a


  1. wow, great insight sharilyn, thanks for sharing. All let all of us be a ugly but sweet and clean fruit :-)

  2. ew! least you didn't notice a half-worm while eating.

    but the shots are beautiful


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