Monday, July 27, 2009

from a foundation to a house to a home...

A bit about our Mexico house-build trip... and you can see the transformation from a cement foundation to a a home!

When we arrived on the site, this was what greeted us: two small pieces of property each with a reinforced poured concrete foundation, and all of the framing and wall lumber, dry wall, and other materials needed to build two houses, and two eager and ready building project managers. (oh, and a wonderful view of all of Rojo Gomez, a border town "home" to thousands of poor families in shacks with no running water) Just add our two teams of eager builders (about 50 total)...and ...the building begins!

...10:45 am Friday...

(yes, that's me...not very flattering, I know!)
It was amazing to watch these two houses being built from the ground up and a privilege to be a part of it!

I helped build the frame of our house and then spent much of the rest of the day hammering on the outside wall boards... then hanging dry wall inside!
(all new skills for me!)

Windows and a door had to be cut and the roof put on.
This is Pablo, the project manager for House #1 (our house!).
He and Hector (HM for House #2) were AMAZING!
They knew how to do every needed task and how to teach us
unskilled labor how to do them as well....
all with cheerful attitudes and smiling faces!
Me hanging dry wall...

The inside of the house looking into the "loft" from the largest of the three rooms.

(Oops. This came before the drywall photo!)
Me demonstrating my awesome and well-honed hammering skills!
(Please pardon the lovely was HOT!)
"Charlie's Angels" pose
Two of my life group buddies (Kristen and Anita) and me.
Powerful girls with tools (and toolbelts
* * * * * *
...And this is what our house looked like 6 1/2 hrs later at quitting time...
I couldn't believe it.
House #2 was just as finished right behind our house.
* * * * * *
Day 2
full of dry wall hanging, mudding, putting in the windows and doors, trim on the outside, building a ladder for the loft, tar papering and shingling the roofs, sanding the inside walls to prep for painting, gathering tires and building a stairway into the hillside out of the tires, entertaining the neighborhood kids with games and fun, wiring the houses for electricity, working together with one another and with the families as they joined in the building of their houses
* * * * * *
Day 3
Because we had large teams, we were able to finish our houses mostly on Day 2. That allowed us some extra time to paint the interior of the houses as well.
This was the happy peach color in House #1 and the ladder to the loft:
And these are the finished products,
all ready for the dedication ceremony:
We dedicated each house to its family...
and prayed over the family...
There were tears of joy and excitement...

And very very big smiles!!
This was the family of House #1--
Flavio, Luz Maria, and their two little children...
a "mural" was created for each house, and this one says:
"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!"
~Joshua 29:15b
...and the house becomes a home...
To God be the Glory!!


  1. What an awesome project! In addition to building houses, you're builing hope & possibilities!

  2. What an AWESOME trip ... my favorite is the "Charlies Angel's" pose. So funny! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time. You ROCK!

  3. thanks all! it was truly a wonderful thing to be involved with! i'm so glad i was able to play a part in what God had in store for those families.

    and yes, debra, we had some fun, too! kristen (on the left) is quite the poser, isn't she!? :) so sweet and yet so full of sass!


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