Sunday, January 4, 2009

celebrate the Sabbath... with the beauty of the mountains...

How lovely on the mountains are the feet of him,
Who brings good news, good news;
Announcing peace, proclaiming news of happiness.

Our God Reigns! Our God Reigns!
Our God reigns! Our God reigns!

Out from the tomb He came with grace and majesty;
He is alive, He is alive!
God loves us so, see here His hands, His feet, His side;
And yes, we know, He is alive!

How beautiful on the mountains
are the feet of those who bring good news,
who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings,
who proclaim salvation,
who say to Zion, "Your God reigns!"
~Isaiah 52:7
(When it is a very clear day here in southern CA (usually after a big rain or windy day), we can sometimes see the mountains in the distance... I love it when they are covered with snow!! They always make me think of the song and the verse above!)


  1. Beautiful pictures, beautiful Scripture, beautiful post. ... I have been meditating on the Scriptures about "the feet of those who bring good news," so it was such a blessing to come across this tonight.

    Funny, how God does that. No coincidences. Only GOD-incidences.

  2. Sharilyn, you don't know me, but I discovered that we are twins separated at birth once I read your comment on Darlene's blog (about that big hair brush). I also love the mountains (I live in Alaska and it is a thrill every day to witness God's handiwork here). Oh yes, and I was born in California. And I even have a video from Godtube on my sidebar entitled "He Reigns" by Mercy Me. So counting all that and the comment you left on Darlene's blog has led me to conclude that we're twins. :D Loved this post. Blessings, Jax

  3. P.S. Is your favorite color purple by any chance? :D

  4. amen to that, jennifer! i love it when God makes His coincidences... or, as you so nicely put it: God-incidences!

  5. hey jackie! what fun to have a twin somewhere out there! i do love the mountains, especially when they have snow! i've never (YET!) been to Alaska, though i do plan to get there one day, as i simply MUST see the northern lights!! and, my favorite color is almost purple. (when i was a kid my favorite color was purple--in fact, i remember my cousin and i both wanting the pair of purple socks we found in a hand-me-down bag. neither of us would give in, so we each ended up with one sock. brilliant, i know!) as my friend's 6&8 yr old boys can tell you, my favorite color is periwinkle...that amazingly wonderful color that is not lavendar nor light blue, but a delightful combination of the best of both worlds! :)

    do you love nature as much as i? and the beach and the woods? ...


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