Saturday, January 24, 2009

a whole lot of lying around...

...and so, with this last post about the seals, I share with you what they do a whole lot of while they're on the beach... in between fighting, birthing babies, taking care of pups, defending turf, flipping sand, and occasionally chasing away a male challenger, there is a whole lot of 'down time' to conserve energy... in other words--lying around.

This, actually, is pretty much what I looked like most of the day today...ahhhhh...Saturdays!

And, now and then, in between naps, there is a bit of this--very entertaining traveling across the beach. I like to call it "galumphing," and it never ceases to cause me to smile!

Then, there MUST be more of this...

...don't know about you, but this little pup's all ready for some more nappage...

* * YAWN!! * *

And, with that happy ending, I shall make tracks... er, take my leave...

(I couldn't resist this wonderful set of tracks made by one of the alpha males!)


  1. Pretty darn amazing! I say all the time that God has a GREAT imagination. And, all these things He made for us, His people. For our joy and our pleasure. Oh, how He loves us!

  2. amen, debra! i second that completely! :)

  3. that is amazing, that many seals were sun tanning! did you get close to took their picture? I had never see wild seals in my life... so I do wonder whether are they afraid of people


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