Tuesday, January 13, 2009

tag, you're it....

OK, it's about time I "got in the game." It's been a week (or so!) since Billy dashed over from What I Learned Today and tagged me, and I've yet to get my game on! (perhaps, I've been playing Frozen Tag?!) Before I join in the fun, however, I must make a few comments about the game of tag....

First, thank you, Billy, for picking me!!!! I know it probably sounds silly, but it feels good to be chosen rather than added by default due to being the last one left over after the choosing is finished. Can you tell I didn't have the most enjoyable p.e. class experiences?! If you're thinking I was usually one of THE last people chosen when teams were picked, you are absolutely correct. And, no, I'm not bitter, but I am a wee bit emotionally scarred. : ) All that to say, whooooo hooooo! I get to play!!!

One other thing, I'm not the fastest runner in the world, or in my class, or on the block, or even in my apartment (wait a minute! I'm the only one in my apartment, so, I guess that DOES make me the fastest!!). As you can imagine, I was continually the one others tagged when we actually played tag. Boy, did I ever like Frozen Tag best--at least then I could get a rest while I was frozen. So, perhaps that is the reason for my slow entry into the game... or perhaps, it's because I have nothing random nor weird to tell about myself? (ok, maybe not...I guess I'm just slow!)

The rules for this game of tag are as follows: list six random or weird facts about yourself, and then tag six others. Simple, right? Hmmm. Well, I've been trying to come up with some really wacky facts, but for lack of crazier, weirder things about me, I've decided to share the following rather random factoids...

1. I lived on an island for 18 years! Really. An island in the Pacific. (does that make me a Pacific Islander?) Ok, well, only 26 miles off the coast of Los Angeles--Catalina Island, to be exact. I just moved back to the "mainland" four years ago (and have discovered that, sometimes, this is a much bigger "island.")

2. Though most people consider me a "strong" person, I tend to cry at sunsets...and Frosty the Snowman (when he melts. come on! that's just sad!!)...and at the Carol of the Fryers Christmas song by Holiday Hens & Friends (if you haven't heard it, you must listen...it's wonderful!)

3. Growing up, I used to have vampire dreams--for years! Don't ask me why; I don't have a clue! I had never seen any movies or tv shows with vampires nor read books about them (until high school, and that was just a really stupid idea!). So, if anyone has any brilliant insight into the scary! vampire dream thing, feel free to let me know. By the way, though many others seem to be fascinated with them recently, I still do NOT like vampires!!

4. Though most of you have probably never heard of it and will probably think it sounds gross, one of my very favorite foods is pickled bologna. I can't help it. I love the stuff. Normally I eat quite healthy and very few processed foods, but, mmmmmm-mmmmm! I can't get enough pickled bologna! And I can't get it here in CA, so whenever I go home to Michigan, I bring back several packages with me in my suitcase. (try explaining those luggage weight overages as you're pulling pickled bologna out of your suitcase! talk about looking like a 'hick'!) Occasionally, a kind-hearted family member may even mail me a bit for a treat!

5. I have been in the top of one of the smokestacks of the Queen Mary. It's really high up! (and a bit scary!!) I was on an "unofficial tour" of the ship with a college friend who loved the ship and had studied maps of all the secret nooks and crannies of it. We did get chased by a security guard once, and I was sure all of our pictures were going to be plastered on the front page of the newspaper: "Christian College Co-eds Caught Breaking & Entering on Queen Mary." (that would have gone over well with the Dean of Students!) But the final place we went was into the smokestack, climbed hand-over-hand straight up a 40-ft rung ladder, and onto a little platform at the inner rim of the middle smokestack--the view of the city at night was fantastic, but it was frighteningly high off the ground!

and 6. I think I'm on my second life right now. Let me explain... we moved many times as I was growing up, and these were the houses we lived in (in this order):

  • 1st grade--a regular farm house in the country
  • 2nd grade--a very large house which had, in its past, been a small hospital
  • 3rd-5th grade--a lovely house which had once been a funeral home
  • 6th grade--an old house with a cemetary just beyond its back yard.

See... one complete life cycle! And 'normal' abodes since then. (no wonder I had vampire dreams!)

Well, friends, there you have it. Six rather random (and possibly a couple of 'weird') facts about me!

And now, it's on to you.... I shall tag the following folks:

Thanks again, Billy, for the tag... and for anyone who hasn't checked out Billy's blog, he's a great storyteller and his blog is a wonderful read! Check it out!

edit 1/14/09: I just discovered that Dave was already tagged by Travis about a month ago. I wouldn't want to torture anyone twice with the same tag (though Travis played along when it was done to him! what a guy!), so I've invited Skeeter to play with us!


  1. Honey, it's a lot of fun knowing you more. =D The 'Carol of the Fryers' cracked me up. =P

    Strangely, I had vampire dreams too and it bothered me for years until I've started working. I hope that your 2nd life is making up to you and simply heavenly. ;)

  2. Love the second life thing. Very nice.

    My wife still cries when Frosty melts, so I can't fault you with that one. And being an islander? So, so cool.

    Gonna have to think about that pickled bologna, though.

    Thanks for playing along!

  3. Those were awesome facts about you. Pickled baloney. Now I have another thing to add to my list of stuff to do before I die. I've had an intense desire to eat pickled limes (Little Women), and now I have an intense desire to eat pickled baloney.

    I wonder if I hung some pickled baloney on your Christmas tree if you could find it?

    Anyway, thanks for sharing those facts. They were great.

  4. wow, this is interesting.
    Btw, sharilyn, can I tag a person whom you already tag???

  5. I am loving the 2nd life thing. That is hysterical!!!!

    Debra tagged me. I think y'all are more interesting than I am. But that's okay. Prayerfully, I still have time to get in some weird and quirky before my next life.

  6. thanks, jerri! i've always thought that one was wonderful! :) i read your list, and i think you've got a good start on the weird and quirky! :) some people's i've read have been amazingly crazy! (check out Travis' two lists...i have to wonder a bit about where he's been and what he's done! piranhas for breakfast???!) :)

  7. thanks, everybody, for playing along with me! i'm glad to see so many people actually appreciating my "2nd life" thing--it has been such a source of amusement to me! and i'm just waiting for someone to get back to me after they've actually TRIED some pickled bologna! :) for any of you who were tagged, i can't wait to read your wild and wacky facts!


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