Thursday, January 8, 2009

sweet love...

A couple of days ago, my coworker was having a really tough day. She recently lost her father, and, as one could imagine, it's been a sad time for her. I decided on Tuesday that a bit of chocolate might help her through her day, so I took her some fudge I had made. When I opened up the box to give it to her, this is what I saw...

I think it was a moment of God's sweet love for her in her day... we both appreciated the kind-hearted gesture from a Father Who so loves His children, Who loves to remind them that He knows their hearts and cares for them so deeply.
Thank You, God, for your sweet love...
...but God knows your hearts...
~Luke 16:15
Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.
~Psalm 107:1


  1. Ohh... I'm moved.

    God is always so near to the heart-broken, and shows his love in the least imaginable ways. I'm so glad that you share the fudge with your colleague, I'm sure she's comforted by our Father's love, and yours.

    We should never forget anyone who's down. I'm sure that this Heart is a special reminder for us. Love this. My heart goes to your colleague.

  2. P/S: I'm where I am cos Bear is a Jap. I may be miles from home, but never too lonely in God's grace and love. I find great joy in friends like you, whose hearts are never too far from me, and I thank you for who you are. Hugs...

  3. thank you for your kind words, stardust. she reads my posts, so she will surely see your words and hear your heart for her...

  4. It seems like there are so many broken hearted people in my church right now. I know that there a bunch of people who are down in January, but it seems that there are so many huge enormous things going on in people's lives this year.

    That was a sweet thing you did (pun sorta intended), and it's neat how God put his touch in it as well.

  5. What a great reminder that God is not only always with us, but cares about us, too.

  6. Okay wow! That is just tremendous. I love it when God shows Himself. He is so faithful. Wow!


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