Thursday, January 22, 2009

got milk?

Just because I can't help myself, I'll be doing a couple more days of seal posts... this one is to specially highlight a couple of delightful little pups!

(look at that adorable little milk mouth!)

...and, is he sucking his thumb...i mean, flipper??

Though I've tried to upload a couple of my wonderful video clips, this short pup one is the only one with which I've yet been successful. The sounds you'll hear are the ocean, the snorts of a bull (male), and the high-pitched monkey-like sounds of a pup calling out. I hope you enjoy this little bit of the experience...


  1. We don't get many seals in the Texas/New Mexico area (well, duh), so this is fascinating and like seeing a foreign country to me. Neato!

  2. Can I tell you how much my little people are loving these pictures of the seals? Fun!


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