Wednesday, January 21, 2009

scenes of the seals....

Well, I have finally made it (mostly) through my bazillion photos from my weekend in elephant seal heaven. Unfortunately, I'm having trouble uploading to my blog (and have spent the past three hours trying to do so!), so the seals post will stretch into a couple of days.

They were absolutely amazing... the beach was literally strewn with seals... moms, moms-to-be, babies galore, sprinkled with some of the "big boys", as well. We saw it all in the hours we spent there--nursing, flopping, fighting, squawking, mating, swimming, sleeping.

I know they resemble stuffed sausages (thanks to Eva for that comparison!!), or to me, great big slugs!, but the beach was full of activity and interaction.Today I shall show you a bit of the mom-and-baby activity... many of the babies are still quite young and, like human newborns, are a bit wrinkly and skinny. They are born at about 60 pounds and generally double their weight in the first 1-2 weeks.

There was a whole lot of eating going on--and all by the babies! (the adult males don't eat for about 3 months and the females for about 6 weeks, until they leave the beach for the season)

...and there was a whole lot of sleeping going on as well... though, what with all the noise, I don't know how they could do much sleeping at all. (barks, chirps, purrs, grunts, cries, feeding calls, challenges) about that little face?!?!
Here and there were a few of the older seal pups--maybe three weeks or so. Look how plump, ok FAT, the older pups are!! I think they look like great big black grubs!! : ) And to finish off today's elephant seal sighting is a shot of all the different seal ages--
several moms, a couple of pups, and one of the older alpha males (check out that huge schnoz!!)

I love God's amazing creation!!


  1. Quite different from the beaches here on the other side of the country. Beautiful pictures...

  2. Precious! I want to go an pick up one of the babies and squeeze it. What a fun time for you!

  3. I love the one on his back that appears to be hugging himself! Thanks for the photo treat. And the sunlight colors reflecting on them is warming, I would hug myself too if I could imagine myself on a warm beach.

  4. thanks, billy! these are more typical of central/northern CA beaches--much more rugged and usually with cedar-y type trees.

    and, debra, i did have a hard time not rushing down the little cliff and grabbing one up! :) the 4-5,000 lb bulls (males) are a pretty good deterrent, though! :) they really were cute! you should hear the sounds they make--they sound sort of like little monkeys! i took some great video clips but haven't been able to get them to upload to blogger. :(

    lanny, the one on his back "hugging" himself is a pretty new one. he is actually scratching himself with his little flippers (i have video of that as well!). that seems to be how they get all the after-birth stuff off themselves. it is so very cute to watch them!

  5. We are often awed by the cuteness of babies, baby animals... why are they just so cute? Love the pup in the last 3rd picture. =)


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