Sunday, January 25, 2009

celebrate the Sabbath...delighting in answered prayer

He will call upon me, and I will answer him...
~Psalm 91:15

"I think we sometimes discourage ourselves by a misconception of the exact meaning of the expression, "answer," taking it to mean only grant. Now, an answer is not necessarily an acquiescence. It may be a refusal, an explanation, a promise, a conditional grant. It is, in fact, simply attention to our request expressed. In this sense, before we call He will answer, and while we are yet speaking He will hear. (Isaiah 65:24)" ~Mary B. M. Duncan, as quoted in Spurgeon's The Treasury of David

What prayer of yours has God 'answered' today... in the past week, or month, or year? Let's celebrate that God does hear and answer our cries.


  1. Ah yes. Point well made.
    Thanks for leaving your comment on my blog, What's Up. Yes, the home do-over always rubs me a little raw too. I have lived many years without even curtains because I couldn't find the funds in the budget. Don't we wish the good folks in D.C. who work for us would live like us?
    Your blog is nice. I'll come bace and look around a little more when time allows.
    Visit me again soon! It will be my pleasure!

  2. Hi Sharilyn,

    Great thought. Timely post.

    Best wishes,



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